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EZE Breeze Sliding Panels

EZE Breeze Rooms

Custom made for your favorite outdoor spaces. PGT EZE-Breeze enclosures let cool breezes in and keep bad weather out, making outdoor spaces more inviting.

This versatile enclosure system features vents that slide either vertically or horizontally to fit your needs.  Fixed vents are also available to accommodate spaces above your vertical- or horizontal-sliding vents, allowing for incredible floor-to-ceiling views.

The EZE-Breeze Windows are versatile, attractive, strong and easy to operate.

It’s everything you could ask for in an outdoor shelter, plus a few things you hadn’t thought of:

  • Affordable
  • Floor-to-ceiling views and ventilation
  • Ease of operation
  • Shade and reduced solar heat gain
  • Protection from bugs, rain, rind and dust
  • Reduction of extreme heat, cold and humidity
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatility to fit under existing roofs or onto existing decks or patios-or just build it from the ground up
  • Customization to exaction standards-a perfect fit in any opening, eliminating the need for expensive framing
  • Made-to-order components allow you to have fun designing a room that’s just right
  • 33 years of use in homes from sweltering Florida to frigid Canada
  • Warranty protection from manufacturing and material defects

We have 30 plus years of experience building beautiful EZE Breeze rooms, let us help you with yours today!

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